⓵ Sell your business or product lines

We handle the sales of product lines and complete businesses. We move fast and will create the best possible competitive environment for your sale.

② Turnaround and re-invention advice

We help re-invent companies and product units. If you're frustrated with where you are, call us to discuss. If you're an investor wanting a portfolio or investee review, we also do those—we've advised private investors and VCs.

③ Debt financing

We advise on debt financings and can negotiate with investors. 

④ New markets for your products

We'll help you find new partners, distributors, and even financing to launch into new markets.

⑤ Negotiate strategic deals

We expertly handle complex and difficult deals, including partner and distributor disputes and other high-stakes negotiations. Hire lawyers in those situations and you'll usually get more conflict. Hire Windigo Bay and you'll be positioned for good outcomes. We handle the dealmaking while your counsel stays on call and then does any final paperwork.